Focus and Scope

The Surrey Undergraduate Research Journal (SURJ) is an initiative by Academic Skills and Development (formerly SPLASH), which launched its first publication in March 2015. It is a multi-disciplinary refereed online journal which has been established to showcase the high quality work and research produced by undergraduate students across the University of Surrey. The SURJ Editorial Team would like to encourage submissions from all faculties, departments and disciplines to provide students at the University with an opportunity to engage in this exciting experience of publication.

SURJ welcomes a variety of submissions including original research articles, adaptations of assignments and dissertations, reports, conference reviews and reflections. Provided that article submissions can appeal to the expected interdisciplinary readership of students and academics, the Editorial Team would be happy to receive a range of article submissions of the students’ choice.  The journal aims to publish one or two issues per year depending on the number and quality of submissions received. Submission deadlines will be advertised alongside the Call for Papers. Occasionally, SURJ will also produce a Call for Papers for themed or special issues of the Journal.

All papers submitted to SURJ are initially screened by the Editorial Team for suitability and articles subsequently undergo a double-blind peer review process carried out by Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) from the University of Surrey. The Journal has established a diverse panel of PGRs from a variety of research backgrounds who have been rigorously trained to act as Reviewers for the Journal. The Editorial Team request that students gain consent from their relevant School or Department at the University of Surrey prior to having an article published in SURJ. This is to ensure that there is no conflict of interest in relation to the publication.

SURJ is dedicated to supporting both undergraduate student contributors and postgraduate reviewers in developing their academic skills relating to academic publishing and communicating research to a broad interdisciplinary audience. 

Aims and Objectives of the Journal

  • To highlight the importance of research in the learning process
  • To stimulate undergraduate student interest in research, potentially helping to develop their motivation for postgraduate study
  • To promote the role of students as producers or co-producers of knowledge
  • To help make students' university experiences more meaningful and fulfilling
  • To enhance students' motivation to work to the best of their academic ability
  • To showcase excellent work produced by Surrey students, giving them an opportunity to share their work with the wider audience
  • To provide stduents and educators with examples of good quality writing in different disciplines 


Peer Review Process


Reviewers for SURJ consist of a panel of Post-Graduate Researchers (PGR’s) from a diverse range of disciplines and research backgrounds across the University of Surrey. All Reviewers are expected to undertake expert training in peer review and academic publishing through the Research Development Programme at the University of Surrey prior to joining the Reviewer panel. Reviewers are expected to undertake reviews of manuscripts in their own field or research specialism and offer constructive feedback and fair guidance to Authors using the relevant guidelines and Reviewer Criteria Assessment (explained below). Reviewers are fundamental to SURJ, as their input throughout the publication process is invaluable to editorial decision outcomes, as well as providing Authors with excellent guidance in the production and development of their manuscripts.

SURJ are actively recruiting additional Reviewers to join our existing Reviewer panel. Please contact the Editorial Team at to express your interest in becoming a Reviewer.  



All manuscripts submitted to SURJ are initially screened by the Editorial Team in relation to their suitability to the scope and focus of the Journal. Following this initial screening, manuscripts are then put forward for double-blind peer review, performed by PGR Reviewers.

After receiving a manuscript in their relevant research area or specialism from a SURJ Editor, Reviewers are expected to complete their review within a 2 week period. To perform and complete their review, Reviewers will be sent peer review instructions and guidelines, and subsequently will be required to submit an online ‘Peer Review Form.’ The Editorial Team require that all Reviewers complete the form to a high standard and level of detail. The review should be fair and constructive; providing Authors with a clear idea of how they can improve their manuscript and reach the required standards of publication appropriate specifically to SURJ. Please see the ‘Review Guidelines’ section for further information regarding the criteria in which Reviewers are asked to judge submissions. The Reviewer will be asked to offer their overall judgement of the suitability of the manuscript for publication; which will inform the final editorial decision outcome.

This Peer Review Policy developed by SURJ ensures that the manuscripts published in the Journal showcase the high quality of work and research produced by students at the University of Surrey. Our Peer Review Policy and process also aims to ensure that both Authors and Reviewers gain a realistic experience of the processes and expectations that they would be anticipated to adhere to in existing academic journals, as well as engage in their own active learning development needs.

Publication Frequency

SURJ aims to publish one or two issues per year depending on the quality and number of submissions received. 

Please see our 'Announcements' section for new calls for papers.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


SURJ was initially supported by the DVC Academic Affairs Development Fund. 

Journal History

The Surrey Undergraduate Research Journal has a precursor, SEPS Undergraduate Research Journal (also abbreviated as SURJ), which published two volumes in 2006 and 2007. That journal was edited by Dr Paul Stevenson and affiliated to the  then School of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Surrey.